ANTIQUE APPARATUS 45rpm Bubbler Jukebox - Sold to DAN, ready for pickup 7/4/2018

Mfg:  Antique Apparatus

Year:  19989-90?

Model:  RB8

Type:  45rpm

Selections:  200 Selection/100-records

Restored:  Restore finished 7/4/2018


Height: 61 inches

Width: 31-1/2 inches

Depth: 26-3/4 inches


Features:   45rpm version of the most popular Jukebox of all time 'The 1946 model 1015 Wurlitzer'.  Has (4) rotating BARBER POLE LIGHTS in the main 4 pilasters & (8) real BUBBLE TUBES just like the original.  Also features real trim castings that are triple chrome plated (Wurlitzer OMT's have plastic trim that is chromed plastic) I believe this was made around 1990 & came with the R92 Rowe Mechanism & components.  Its a solid jukebox. Many new items were replaced on the restoration.

​Notes:   Total restoration - this is my final 45rpm bubbler I will ever restore.  My very first restoration was in 1973 and these late model 45rpm bubblers take a long time to restore them right.

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Final restored pics taken 7/4/2018 Slide Show currently contains 85pics


Littleton, Colorado

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