Unpacking Your Jukebox.  Pics below are your actual jukebox.

Step 1.  Here are pics of how your jukebox looked while it was being loaded.

     Jukebox was 1st wrapped with 3 blankets then a layer of cardboard to cover the blankets and protect the blankets from being removed.  If not covered 1-the jukebox has less protection & 2-along the drive to you guys one of the drivers would have removed them.  Drivers have to furnish there own trucks & all equipment.  This is my favorite Denver driver and he knows I request 3 moving blankets but I also tipped him for this.

Once you get your jukebox first look for any damage to the stretch-wrap.  Please have a camera ready and if any damage to the stretch-wrap--- take a pic before you remove the plastic-wrap.   Ask & help the driver to remove the stretch-wrap.  If you use a knife just be CAREFUL, I always just unwrap them.  Once the stretch-wrap is removed the cardboard will just fall off.  You will need to remove the box tape that is holding the blankets on.  You can keep the blankets -or- if you don't want them offer them to the driver.



Just like your lumber shipments--- After you unwrap the jukebox make sure there is no shipping damages.  Make sure the 8 glass bubble tubes have the orange fluid in them to about 2inches from the top of the tube.  You can see the tubes from the outiside looking at the upper 4 ivory pilasters and you should clearly see this orange fluid in them unless any tubes are broken.  Then look at all the ivory colored plastics the 2 upper curved pilasters, the 2 straight pilasters and the 4 smaller ivory pieces around the lower grill.  If a glass tube ever breaks chances are it will permanently orange stain a few of those ivory plastics, again you can see this looking at the outside.  This orange fluid in the glass tubes stains the inside of the ivory plastics and this stain can never be removed.  If all 8 of your glass tubes are full to about 2inches from the top of them then your ivory plastics should be fine.  Then check out the rest of the cabinet.  If you have shipping damage either you or the driver needs to mark the bill of lading BEFORE the driver leaves.  If you have damages make sure to take several pics from diff angles.  These pics will be all the proof you have so don't be shy.  But we all know Bill is not shy.  Once the driver is down the road we can still try to file a claim but I doubt STI will pay the claim without the bill of lading noted with any & all damages on it.  The driver will give you a copy of the BOL after you sign it.

If you want to accept the jukebox just sign the freight bill.

At this point help the driver get your jukebox inside your home. 

Step 2.

                 These pics were taken 5 mins before the driver showed up.  These are the final pics I took of your jukebox and will use them to show you stuff you need to do to get your jukebox ready for play.


Click any image on this page to make it bigger & then after looking click pic again to reduce it.

I.  Remove the white plastic bag.  Bag contains Manual, Bluetooth instructions & clear plastic rectangle that will help you cut out the cd title cards. Plus more

2.  Remove this LEFT side bolt/washer hold down bolt.  This must be removed or it will interfere with sound quality.  1/2" wrench or socket. 


3.  Remove this RIGHT side bolt/washer hold down bolt.  This must be removed or it will interfere with sound quality.  1/2" wrench or socket. 

4.  Remove these colorful rubber bands and look close remove the green wire tie.  These help keep the upper 1/3 cd's from falling out of the cd carousel on bumpy trip. 


5a.  Looking from the inside this is an access hole.  DO NOT close it.  Its ok to swing the access door closed.  If you were to lock your keys accidentally inside the jukebox you can use this hole to gain access.  You would just need to call me.....  see the next pic for more info

5b.  This is looking at that access hole from the backside of your jukebox.  Note you see a power adapter connected to a USB cable.  You need to run an extension cord from the outside to inside this hold and plug this into wall outlet.  You need to run the cable an this power cable then needs to be inside your jukebox.  Before I wrapped the jukebox up I put this back inside the jukebox where it belongs.  Plug this to the extension cord  as this is what powers your bluetooth.

6.  Your looking at your cd player.  The cd player is also the weakest part of any make CD jukebox.  Never touch the aluminum body as a simple static shock and take the printed circuit board out.  I ok to touch the orange flap.  My FAQ's I tell everyone how to touch the cd player if & when you have to.  So remove all 3 rubber bands at the same time from the black bracket you can see on the left side.  Then carefully lift the rubbers off 1 at a time being careful not to bow or break this plastic.  Then lift flap up with one hand and remove this blank cd.  When you let go of the flap it normally is at angel so don't think its broke.  More about the adjustment screw for the flap in FAQ.  You should never have to adjust this unless you need to replace the cd player.  They do not come out of adjust.


7.  Information only:  This red thing is the remote control senor.  I have found this is about the best place to put as it has to in-line with remote for remote to work.  Rockola says you should mount this on the wall above your jukebox but the problem with this is its connected to the wall and if not careful when moving you will break it.  Always point the remote to the sensor.


8.  You are looking at the inside of the door.  You need to remove both green wire ties.  This unit is the CD TITLE CARD holder and these wires will keep the unit from coming loose and bouncing out during a bumpy trailer trip.

9.  This is the plug/connector for the CD TITLE PAGE holder.  NEVER UNPLUG OR PLUG BACK IF THE POWER IS NOT TURNED OFF AND THE POWER CORD UNPLUGGED.  I have had a lot of issues with this.  Before you remove this cd card holder you need to unplug but do it right.  You only remove this holder when you want to install any new cd cards.


10.  The cash box.  You need to get the keys and remove the contents.  The remote control is inside the cloth coin bag & the power cable is under this cloth bag on top of the floor.


11.  Your keys are wire tied to the left upper door handle.   You have 2 cash box keys and they are unique numbers, if you loose or break them you need to replace the entire lock.  You have 1 cabinet key numbered EC105.  All rockola bubblers use this same key number.  If you loose or break the key you can order on ebay.  Just search rockola EC105 on ebay.

12.  Information only:  the lower black thing on the left side is where the power cord plugs into.  Plug the power cable 1st then into the wall 2nd.  The middle thing is the on/off rocker switch.  That little red thing on the right is where the master fuse is housed and I have never every replaced one so I doubt you will either.



13.  information only:  This black unit is the BLUETOOTH receiver.  Should be simple to get

sound from your smart phone or I-pad from the jukebox speakers and you can control volume with the jukebox, remote on the jukebox or your smart device.  You do need WI-FI.  To setup you should be close to the jukebox, go to settings on your smart device and choose bluetooth option and wi-fi will automatically sync.  I pre-programmed all necessary code to the jukebox all you have to do is get your device connected to your WI-FI.   The rockola bluetooth instructions are included separately in the white bad under the manual.