2004 ROCK-OLA CD Bubbler Jukebox model CD8-C  SOLD

Mfg:  Rock-Ola

Year:  August 2004

Model:  CD8-C

Serial No:  995701

Type:  CD

Selections:  Holds 100 cd's or cdr's

Component color:  Yellow - 900watts

Restored:  Mar 2018



  • 190 page CDC-C Owner's & Parts Manual

  • Cabinet key & door key

  • Deluxe Remote Control

  • Sensor & Cable for remote

  • 100CD's included (all artist & track listings shown in slide show below)


CD Bubbler version of the most popular Jukebox of All-Time the '1946 WURLITZER model 1015' also known as 'THE BUBBLER'.


Comes with (8) bubbler tubes & (4) rotating barber pole lights in the 4 main plastic pilasters.   Puts out a beautiful color show.    The original 1015 had (8) bubble tubes but only (2) Straight bar pole lights.


This Bubbler was made August 25, 2004.   Fully functional & plays/sounds great.  Holds 100 cd's or cdr's (will not play mp3 data discs).


Cabinet is Walnut Veneer stained Early American Walnut & the front door is Curly African Satinwood Veneer stained light.


Casting are real metal/trim pieces that have been triple chromed plated.  Unlike the Wurlitzer OMT that has plastic/chromed trim pieces.  Chrome on this Bubbler is MINT!




NOTE: The slide shows below: the images are cropped to fit and the slide show will auto advance every 2secs.


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BELOW:  Actual CD's that will come with this Jukebox.

100CD's total on 50 Double printed Title Cards



Below: Sample pic showing custom CD title cards printed using a custom MIRCOSOFT EXCEL file that I made to use as a template to print out these CUSTOM DOUBLE CD TITLE CARDS to match your store bought or home made cd's..  Pic is a sample only and I will email the owner a copy of this EXCEL file.  This template uses a perforated card stock and file give details how to buy this card stock.  The cards are what is called a double cd card and you can list 18 tracks to each CD, 2 CD's per card.  Its the only way to show all 100 CD's in any CD100 jukebox as any cd title rack on any bubbler only has 25 plastic pages.  Front & back that is only 50 labels total.  The jukebox for sale above comes with all 100 cd's but you can only display 50 cd title cards.  This solves the problem, plus they are uniform and are easier for a guest to navigate the titles, as you can see 1/2 or 50 of the artists at a glance.  This EXCEL template is for you to type your double CD title cards that match CD's you already own. 



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