Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D - Pinball Machine  - $4,650


Game will be  ready Mar 1, 2016  & is for sale

Mfg:  Bally

Year:  1992

Prod:  7,825

Players:  1 to 4

Shopped:  February 2016

Pics are before shop-out, I will get finishes pics up the weekend.  shop-out will be finished on 2-28-2016


Cabinet is exceptionally nice! & is a super clean pin before I started shop-out.  CABINET HAS NO FADE, any fade you see is caused by the flash on camera.


Slide Show:  Actual CREATURE from the BLACK LAGOON  that is for sale:


NOTE: The slide show below will auto advance every 2secs.


DOUBLE CLICKING:  onto any scrolling image will take you to a full-screen uncropped slide show & you control the slide advancement.


Littleton, Colorado

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