Fully shopped out & during shop-out I did the following:

  • All 3 plastic RAMPS replaced with new ramps--this includes the LT5 ramp, Race Track ramp & the Loop ramp

  • Installed Cliffy Pit Stop Scoop hole protector

  • Installed Cliffy left side gate--- its3 times as good as the original--this is a new item cliffy has

  • Installed Cliffy's left ramp protector that never came with corvette

  • Installed new Playfield Plastics

  • Installed Gloss Yellow SuperBand Posts

  • Installed Gloss Orange SuperBand Flipper Rubber

  • Every rubber was replaced on this game

  • New set of Black Powder Coated legs, new black leg bolts, new adjusters & new black plastic leg protectors

  • Plunger was rebuilt with w/new barrel spring, new shooter sleeve & new Shooter Rod w/black knob

  • All 3 Flippers were rebuilt including new Flipper Bat Bushings & Flipper Bats

  • Replaced 4-5 other coils that seemed weak + installed a complete new knocker assy

  • Installed some LED's as you can see in some of my photo's

plus other stuff---as I said it was completely professionally shopped out

Corvette plays fast and all the hard stuff to replace has been done.


Completed shopout 04/01/2015

Images below are the actual finished CORVETTE that is for sale:

Mfg:  Bally

Year:  1994

Prod:  4,960

Players:  1 to 4

Theme:  Licensed Theme - Car Culture

Shopped:  April 2015

CORVETE - Pinball Machine  - $3,500 sold


Game is ready  & is for sale



Slide Show:  Actual CORVETE that is for sale:


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