Antique Apparatus 45rpm Bubbler Jukebox w/2 Column Wall Speakers/Lights

               Replica of the 1941 Wurlitzer model 850 Peacock Jukebox (one of the Prettiest jukeboxes ever light up)

Mfg:  Antique Apparatus

Year:  1980's

Model:  Peacock

Serial No: 

Type:  45rpm

Selections:  Holds 100 45rpm records/200 selections

Component color:  Black Ami/Rowe components

Restored:  March 2015

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Videos Uploaded:  1 for now



  • Pair of ANTIQUE APPARATUS LIGHT BARS ,  each comes with a SOLID Walnut case, 2 bubbler tubes, etched gazelle/tulip mirrors on both sides, a pilaster plastic that matches the jukebox w/rotating color cylinders & of course a speaker.  Each speakers comes with it's own on/off switch.  They look spectacular w/this jukebox.  These LIGHT BARS were bought at the same time the jukebox was bought.

  • Owner's Manual

  • Front cabinet key & back door key

  • This Peacock seems to be compete including coin gear but please check out all my images & judge for yourself.



If you have interest in just buying the jukebox please contact me.  I will sell it without the 2 external speakers/light.


  • 45rpm Bubbler version of arguably the most beautiful Jukebox ever to light-up.  This is the repro of that jukebox--the 1941 Wurlitzer model 850, also known as  'THE PEACOCK'.  Even the wall speaker/lights pay tribute to the Wurlitzer model 850A call the 'TULIP'.  In one of my pics you can see an etched Tulip on each side of the mirror etchings.


  • Comes with (4) bubbler tubes & (2) rotating pole lights in the 2 main plastic pilasters.  Also has a pair of short bubbler tubes in the frount grill just like the original 1941 model.  Puts out a beautiful color show.   


  • This Bubbler was made in mid to late 1980's.  Fully functional & plays/sounds great.  Holds 100 45rpm records/200 Selections & come with 100 oldies from the 1960's & includes custom printed title strips.


  • Cabinet is Walnut Veneer stained Early American Walnut & the front door is 2-tone Burl Wood Veneer stained light & dark Walnut.


  • This was a 1owner Jukebox & matched speaker/light set.  Unit was never commercially used - HUO!



  • During restoration I replaced all 8 Ivory plastics on the front door--makes the jukebox look even more spectacular.







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