I BUY JUKEBOXES  -   I BUY LATE MODEL CD -or- 45rpm BUBBLER JUKEBOXES made 1985 up to today which look like pictures below.

If your unsure what model or year your jukebox was made send me a pic and I will help you.  At least I will tell you what model you have and when it was made.


If you want me to consider buying your jukebox you must: at least email 1 picture and your price.

  • Email me a brief description & condition of your jukebox listing anything scratched, cracked, broken or anything damaged or missing.

  • Attach at least 1 pic so I can confirm what model you have.

  • In your description make sure to include your price.  If your jukebox is worth more to me than what you are asking I will make a fair offer.

  • I use PayPal for transferring money as its the safest way for you the seller and me the buyer as PayPal has SELLERS PROTECTION and I have BUYERS PROTECTION.  PayPal is free to setup and takes only a few minutes.  Then after funds are transferred from my PayPal to your PayPal you can transfer your funds to your bank once setup or ask PayPal to mail you a check.  It only takes a few minutes.  I do not send checks of any kind. 

  • I will make all shipping arrangements and I pay all the transportation costs.  The seller just needs to install this hold down kit that I will mail you in advance and you need to install it, takes about 15mins.  After that I will book your Jukebox to be picked up and all you have to do is answer the door and let the drivers have access to your jukebox.  You can look at  'HOW TO INSTALL HOLD DOWN'  instructions by clicking here.

  • I don't buy the square-boxed looking Stereo Jukeboxes made in the 60's, 70's or early 80's.  So if you want me to consider buying your Jukebox, send at least 1 PICTURE and your PRICE.

  • Remember I only buy the late model Bubbler type Jukeboxes either CD or 45rpm made from around 1985 to 2018 as pictured below.

Antique Apparatus 45rpm peacock 03-13-2015 024.JPG
Proto-Type 026.JPG
AA Harley 45rpm bubbler 1-6-2014 050.JPG
Antique Apparatus 45rpm peacock 03-13-2015 021.JPG
1989 WurlitZer OMT - June 2017 042.JPG
1989 WurlitZer OMT - June 2017 038.JPG
1989 WurlitZer OMT - June 2017 008.JPG
2003 Rockola CD8B 059.JPG