Mfg:  Antique Apparatus


Model:  CD-4

Type:  CD or CDR's

Selections:  Holds 100 cd's/cdr's


Restored:  July 2013


Includes some AMGold series CD's--Great music! from 1955-early 80's.  25top songs from each year.

Features:   CD Bubbler version of the priceless '1942 WURLITZER model 950' also known as 'THE GAZALLE'.   I was at an auction recently & they featured a very fine original W950 Wurlitzer, it sold for 68k.  The most valuable Jukebox of all-time.  Has (2) rotating BARBER POLE LIGHTS in the pilasters & (4) real BUBBLE TUBES just like the original.


This Coca-Cola CD Bubbler was made around 1990-1995 even I found it hard to believe that it was never played!  I found this in AZ and the gentleman bought it direct from ROCK-OLA.  He told me "15-20 years ago or even maybe longer".  He only used it as a night light because he could never figure how to load/initialize CD's.  While the inside really looks brand new the family that owned this bubbler moved several times.   I refinished the sides of this bubbler only because of moving marks on the sides of the cabinet.  The door & the area around the front door are original stain & finish & also Mint.  It’s in IMMALCULANT condition.  Originally this unit came with a CDM3 cd unit that is obsolete.  They used to make a conversion kit to upgrade to a PRO-PLAYER CD UNIT but it too has been obsolete for years.   I installed a newer MECH that was built for the PRO-PLAYER CD UNIT and it plays perfect!  This newer mech is an exact bolt-in/plug-in/drop-in of the original mech.  If you remove the cd units for each mech they look identical.


When I first opened the front door I was really surprised to see the original mech hold down shipping hardware still installed along with the strapping & cardboard that Rock-Ola used to tie down the cd unit.

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