ROCK-OLA CD Bubbler Jukebox model CD8-X - SOLD   HOME USE ONLY - 1 Owner! - not played much

Mfg:  Rock-Ola

Year:  1995?

Model:  CD8-x

Serial No: 

Type:  CD

Selections:  Holds 100 cd's or cdr's

Component color:  RED

Amp:  RED Sybersonic - 360watts

Restored:  February 2014

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          -30+ pics slideshow of the bubbler

          - 0 pics slideshow of song titles

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  • 190 page CD8 Owner's Manual

  • 15 page CD8 Parts Manual

  • Cabinet key & door key


CD Bubbler version of the most popular Jukebox of All-Time the '1946 WURLITZER model 1015' also known as 'THE BUBBLER'.


Comes with (8) bubbler tubes & (4) rotating barber pole lights in the 4 main plastic pilasters.   Puts out a beautiful color show.    The original 1015 had (8) bubble tubes but only (2) barber pole lights.


Fully functional & plays/sounds great.  Holds 100 cd's or cdr's (will not play mp3 data discs).


Cabinet is Walnut Veneer stained Early American Walnut & the front door is Curly Maple Veneer stained light Maple.


Castings are real metal/trim pieces that have been triple chromed plated.  Unlike the Wurlitzer OMT that has plastic/chromed trim pieces.  Chrome on this Bubbler is MINT!

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