Need a JUKEBOX Shipped & want a shipping quote?


It's simple to do- takes about 2-mins


North American Van Lines info:

Average cost to ship within the 48 states


  • $350 to $450  Recently had a Bubbler shipped from Rochester MI to me (Den) for $356

  • To get a shipping quote you just need to call my STI/NAVL broker for NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES.  A quote will only take 2 minutes at most as long as you have all your information ready.


You will need the following information to get a quote


  • My pickup city/state/zip,  LITTLETON COLORADO, 80128, if your buying my jukebox

  • You will need to know your shipping city/state/zip

  • Insurance--$1,750 of shipping damage insurance is included with the base quote.  The next insurance step is $35 extra and covers you up to over $7,000 but please verify this at the time of a quote

  • Quotes are only good for a couple of days

  • Then call toll-free to get your quote---  1-877-432-2646  I usually talk to Judy and she has always went out of her way to help me.  I would recommend not leaving a message.  If the line is busy I highly recommend waiting 5-10 mins & try again.


Once you decide you want to buy my jukebox and want me to ship and after I have secured payment for the Jukebox only,  we can schedule a pickup.  I can or you can book the pickup with Judy.  Jukebox will be shipped freight only COD to you.  I have found that your jukebox will be delivered a few days quicker this way.  Freightline does not get paid until you have them the payment after inspecting the delivery.  If shipping is prepaid they will take a few more days to deliver.  Remember less time in the hands of a trucking company the less time they have damaging it.  Again I am happy to make all the shipping arrangements as I know what to ask them.



I will be happy to call & arrange pickup if you are buying a Jukebox from me,  but if you have special instructions like you need it delivered to you only on a certain day of the week or you want your jukebox delivered to somewhere other than your main level I require the customer to schedule the delivery, just one less middleman.



Delivery times are all over the board but normally you get the game within 10 working days after the game is picked up.  I have shipped many games & if the stars get aligned just right they will take 5 working days.  But my average has been 6-7 working days. Not counting Saturdays & Sundays.  Areas where they to not have a close terminal to you can take longer as they don't service these areas daily and might be on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.


After I ship your jukebox and it has been picked up I will send a detailed email explaining how to unpack your jukebox and what to do before you plug it in.  I also try to take pictures of the packed up game just in case you need to file a damage claim.  I have shipped many games and I have never had shipping damage yet.  I am sure its the way I package them up.  I cardboard wrap & then shrink warp.  I reinforce the corners & ship.  Its like a roll around paded jukebox.


I also have access to a tracking website link that I will email you after game has been picked up that allows you to follow your game in near real time city by city until it's delivered.


All my jukeboxes that I ship are sold as-is (no warranties) but will be tested & fully working before I pack them up.  Most of my shipped games arrive fine but they do risk being knocked around so don't be too surprised if you need to fix/adjust something that has come out of adjustment.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Best regards,


1-877 432-2646

I deal with JUDY


Littleton, Colorado

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