WURLITZER OMT Vinyl Bubber Jukebox - SOLD

45RPM One More Tme - Hard to find in this condition


Super nice ORIGINAL condition ONE MORE TIME.  Wurlitzer OMT playing on vinyl is hard to find today in this condition.


Manual & keys included

Records as shown in 2nd slide show are also include----comes with a lot of ELVIS 45's


Features:   Modern 45RPM version of the most popular Jukebox of all-time 'The 1946 model 1015 Wurlitzer'.  Has (2) rotating BARBER POLE LIGHTS in the pilasters & (4) real BUBBLE TUBES.  Most of these OMT 45rpm bubblers came with blinking lights and NOT bubbler tubes.  This one came from factory with real bubbler tubes.  Cabinet while original is in very nice condition with minimal brusies & scarthcs---display really really nice for its age.



Watch the 2nd Slide Show below for a complete listing on all the songs/artists that come on this BUBBLER


Year:  ? the 1980's

Model:  OMT  One More Time - Vinyl

Type:  45rpm

Selections:  100


Restored:  Its Original!

Slide Shows Uploaded: 2


Video's Uploaded:  1

Video 1


Video of WURLITZER OMT 45rpm BUBBLER Jukebox playing 2 songs-

  • Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & his Comets

  • Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley

Slide Show 1 -WURLITZER OMT 45rpm BUBBLER for sale!


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Actual songs on this 45rpm OMT Bubbler

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