X-MEN - MAGNETO LE - Pinball Machine - SOLD

Features:  Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Magnets (2), Standup targets (7), Pop-up targets (2), Spinning target (1), Magnetic spinning disc (1), Vertical Up-kicker (1), Scoop (1), Dual Up-post captive ball lock (1), Dual right inlanes, Multiball, Speech. Motorized right ramp can pivot to deliver ball to left ramp. Backbox fluorescent lighting.  Magneto upper body figurine, Wolverine upper body figurine.

​Notes:  The side rails, lockdown bar, backbox hinge, and legs on this version are all powder coated red.  A mirrored backglass is used instead of a translite.  The MAGNETO LE was limited to 250 games, this is game# 144.  Includes COA - Certificate of Authenticity.

Mfg:  Stern

Year:  2012

Prod:  250 - Limited Edition

Players:  1 to 4

Theme:  Comics - Fantasy

Shopped:  NEARLY NEW Jul/2013

Pic's Uploaded:  22

Games Rules:  Not yet avail


Nearly Brand New!

Entire game is in mint condition




Video Showing Actual game play of this X-Men Magneto LE. 


Note: this video showing X-MEN bootup.  Thas no error tones & plays 100%.  This entire game has low plays & is in MINT condition1


GamePlay starts at  :40 seconds

Double clicking any scrolling image will take you to a full-screen uncropped slide show & you control the slide advancement.

NOTE: The slide show below will auto advance every 2secs.



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