STAR TREK: The Next generation - Pinball Machine  - SOLD

Game is ready  & is for sale.

Mfg:  Williams

Year:  1993

Prod:  11,535

Players:  1 to 4

Theme:  Licensed Theme - Outer Space

Shopped:  December 2014


Widebody rating:  No. 4 game as of Dec 2014

Features:   Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (3), 3-bank standup targets (2), Spinning target (1), Cellar holes (4, with one blocked by a drop target), Left outlane kickback. Catapult used for autoplunger (ball is launched through a spiral habitrail). 2-, 3-, 4-, or 6-ball multiball.


There are three cellar holes in the upper half of the playfield. They lead to three VUKs below the playfield that will kick the ball up to the left habitrail or to either of the two cannons on top of the slingshots. To reduce the time it would take for a ball to fall into a cellar hole, roll down under the playfield to a VUK, and resurface back into play, a patented below-the-playfield multiple ball delivery system was developed. In this system, other balls are already positioned below the playfield, one in each of the three VUKs. As soon as the playfield ball falls into a cellar hole, the corresponding VUK kicks its ball into play. The playfield ball then rolls down to remain in the newly-vacated VUK. Game play is continuous, and time has been saved.



Ready to go with Cliffy's, plastic protectors, Gloss Black SUPER BAND fliper rubbers & Purple SUPER BAND post rubber.  NIce game & has a really nice playfield.   Legs look new & I always install new extended leg bolts & adjusters. 



Completed shopout 12/06/2014

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