The GETAWAY- High Speed II - Pinball Machine - SOLD to Craig

Mfg:  Williams

Year:  1992

Prod:  13,250

Players:  1 to 4

Theme:  Cops - Driving - Police - Speeding

Shopped:  August 2013 - shop-out is finished.  Game images will be uploaded 8/5


Pic's Uploaded:



This HS2 is the 2nd version the


Playfield & its nice!


NOTE: To start full screen slide show click onto any scrolling image

Features:  Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), 3-bank standup targets (5), Left ramp with a diverter (which diverts the ball either to the Supercharger ball accelerator or to the left habitrail), Diverter on the upper right side of the playfield (which diverts the ball either to the right orbit or to the ball lock on the right side of the playfield), Left outlane kickback, Kick-out hole (1), 3-ball Multiball, Autoplunger, Video mode, "Supercharger" Magnetic ball accelerator. Gear shift (for launching the ball and for shifting gears during main gameplay, as well as the video mode).   Red police light Topper on top of the backbox. Traffic light on the upper-right side of the playfield.  Game uses the song 'GRANGE' by ZZ Top as its theme song.

​Notes:   This is a very nice Pin!   Diamond Plated Playfield is Excellent!


Littleton, Colorado

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