STI picked up your jukebox at 11:15a Thur Jan 9th

Here is a cut & paste of the current tracking at 1:30p Fri Jan 10th

Tracking info now shows the jukebox is in Brighton Colorado, this is where the local STI terminal is located.  The planned (estimated) delivery date is Jan 15th or Jan 16th.  Again the truckline will contact you normally the day before they want to deliver.  Any questions you have please ask them.  You might also want to ask them there contact info in case you need to call them back.


Bill Peterson  created12/11, last updated 12/18 4:21pm

ship to:

4012 Fernwood Dr

Pleasanton CA 94588

3 phone numbers-  main number is work 510-582-5977

STI has all 3 phone numbers on the order

Tracking #   ai4480  

Tracking site link


to track just click this blue link and key in this 6 digit tracking number


Cost quoted 12/11  $464.20  need to have ready ahead of time--- either a cashiers check or a money in this amount before the driver arrives to delivery otherwise they will just drive by and there is an additional charge for making a 2nd trip.  This is the only 2 methods of payment they accept.



UPDATE 12/18 Wednesday (last update until next week)

CPU (Computer) Rockola received your computer today WED at noon.  Rockola is closed for the holidays starting next TUE and will not reopen until Jan 2nd.  The head tech assured me that who that company is that will repair it will have it asap after he receives it.  My tech buddy has on file my fedex account# and will expedite your computer back to me.  At the very earliest fedex will get it back to deliver to me on Jan 2nd.  But this is just a guess.

Rockola is only open for parts mon, tue & wed and are closed for parts on thur & fri.  I am glad the computer made to him today Wed.  This tech works for a another Jukebox company on his 2 off days and I am sure he will try to get to computer back to me asap.

The replacement door switches Honeywell makes are made in Mexico and the Originals were made in USA and I have 2 of the USA switches coming just as spares just in case.

This is my last update for awhile until I get any new news.  I think but only guessing this might be right before new years day.

I am confident this will fix the issue but at the same time staying cautious as until monday this week I never heard of the problem before with all the bubblers I have done you would think I would have read something about it.    For the past 30yrs I have bought all the auction paperwork from about 10 jukebox supplies in and around Denver and accumulated 4ea entire file cabinets full of paper and most of it are technical updates.  I have sold several cd8-c with many of the the 2004 model before and have never heard of this.

The issue is rockola has a single software eprom chip that has every model rockola bubbler on it along with all the traditional square looking commercial rockola jukeboxes.  This software on that switch says if its this model use these instructions if its this model use these and somehow the ram is messed up trying to read this.


UPDATE 12/16 Monday

I seen Chuck today and used his GAME EXCHANGE Rockola testing equipment and this did not help us at all.  I left & went to my shop in Longmont but did bring a new switch with me.

Contacted Rockola in CALIF.  The head tech and I discussed my issues and he told me back in 2004 Rockola's supplier of Computers which is very close to Rockola's factory made 2900 yellow sybersonic Yellow amps that left the factory with a defect.  I then contacted the original manufacture and they instantly told me what issues your amp has along with 4-5 other odd things it does.  I had 2 choices to get this repaired----either buy a brand new amp at $1599 or send them your amp and they would rebuild it with these issues repaired.  It requires a CNC Soldering Station (robotic solder station).  So I mailed it off today but because of the holidays shipping will not have it to Rockola until this Thursday the 19th.   But rockola did tell me it was going to be expedited but could not answer me on a finished rebuilt date.  The are only open next monday & closed for the holiday.  My best guess is Jan 2-4.   I thought I was going nuts as the issues I had were weird.  The Juke actually works, selects like normal, pickups the cd like normal, lays the cd down like normal and plays like normal & has excellent sound like normal.  Nothing out of the normal at all.

But during this process one of the door switches which I replaced with a new one functions opposite of what it should.  When you open the door while a cd is playing & making sound the cd currently playing is suppose to keep playing but instead the power to the cd player is cutoff and the cd player just stops & at the same time there are 2 lights that go off that should be lighted.  If you want to cut power to the jukebox for servicing you would open the door, use a button to eject the current song playing than you would pull this plunger on this upper door switch to its 3rd position with your fingers.  This plunger has 3 potions when the door closes a bracket pushes the plunger all the way in this would be the 1st position, open the door a spring pushes the plunger 1/2 way out---but everything at this point keeps working this is the 2nd position and 3rd position you manually pull the plunger out a little more and main power is turned off.  This is now its suppose to work.

Right now 1st position the metal bracket attached to the door does push the plunger all the way when door is closed-- for full power which is what its suppose to do and does do fine.  2nd position is the spring on the plunger once the door is opened pulls the plunger out 1/2 way but kills the power which its not suppose to do.   3rd position when plunger manually is pulled out the rest of full power is restored but the jukebox is rebooted.  I replaced this switch today with one my friend Chuck gave me and there is nothing wrong with either switch.  So position 2 & 3 are just reversed of what they should be doing.

Rockola's supplier will contact me when they have your computer rebuilt.  CNC Soldering Station does much better job than a human could.  It would be impossible to do this with a hand held soldering station without hacking & overheating the board trying to remove old components.

Back in 2005 or 2006 I now can remember having this same model jukebox with odd issues like this that was in a bar & was all beat up.  I ended up parting it out as it was not work fixing it at that time.  This all makes sense to me now.

Here is what those 2 door switches look like, they are the same switch and this is the upper switch.  No issues with the lower switch.














Here is a pic of the 2 door switches on a CD8-C bubbler, this CD8-C was finished & sold in 2018




UPDATE 12/15

Jukebox did not get picked up thur or fri.  I ran into an issue with a door switch that caused a few issues and I got everything but 2 issues repaired.  I worked at my shop in Longmont fri night--all of saturday & sunday.  I just got home.  I have never had this issue before.  I don't think I can ship this coming week unless someone local can help me.  I should have it ready for pickup tue dec 24th.

I need to talk to rockola monday and I need to visit the game exchange in Denver.  The head tech at game exchange is Chuck and we went to kindergarten together and all of grade school.  My wife is off on mondays so she can babysit for me.  The only person I know that is smarter than me is Chuck.  He is going to replace the ram chip in the computer and flash a new eprom chip for me.  If this does not fix my 2 issues I will have a new computer shipped to me.  The rockola tech is pretty good and only worked on thousands of the bubblers and I have 2 things that are not working correctly.  Everything else is working 100% and I ran all the long tests.  So Denver in the am to see chuck and after that back to Longmont to my shop.  Shop is about a 45min drive one way.

The jukebox when you open the door is suppose to shut down some things inside the jukebox that can shock someone or if the mech was to start up while you were putting in new cds could cause a finger/hand to get injured.  This issue happened when I ran about 4 hours of tests on the jukebox waiting for the driver to call & pick it up.  I ran a PAGES TEST and this test is suppose to flip all 25 pages.  Something on the upper door switch made a popping noise so for sure I need to buy a new door switch.  I also have problems with 2 12volt bulbs that have an intermittent problem and I am sure this is inside the computer.  The have always worked fine but in the page test they would not work telling me that something is wrong in page wiring and it all comes down to that door switch, grounded wire and or computer ram or eprom.  Eprom has all the bubbler software on it and its a huge file of computer code.  The ram is on u5 of the computer board and ic chip on u4 also has motor instructions for the pages but my friend does not have a u4 chip and I would need to get from rockola.  I just can't believe the pages work perfect using the right or left page buttons but the computer when in the PAGE TEST never tries to operate them.  Everything else in the long test are working 100%.

After I talk to both of these techs tomorrow I will decide what to order from rockola that I hope to have by the end of the week.  Rockola is always a week behind on shipping and just my experience tells me they do not move me up in priority.  The owner dislikes me and for a couple of years would not even sell to me.  I have to get my son-in-law to place orders for me.  Its a long story.  Even if I pay for expedited shipping the earliest they will ship for me will be wed.  

I will post an update tomorrow 12/16 before I go to bed.



Here you can see both switches.  Top is a 3 wire switch & bottom is a 2 wire switch