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Note: No one company can supply all your needs.  I will try to list where I buy my Pin parts and what I buy from them.




PINBALL GLOSSARY - Pinball terms


Internet Pinball Database - IPDB for short - Great Resource, best site to get game information on nearly every Pinball Machine ever built.  If you're new into pinball you can get a lot of information about a game before you buy it!


Pinball Rebel - Another RESOURCE site with a ton of information.  Ken has a large selection of Custom Instruction Cards too.  Link starts at list of Pinball Machine images.


Mr. Pinball Classified AD's - Great resource to sell parts/pins.  I especially like the 'WANT' Ads section---  I am placing 'wanted' ads all the time.  Best part is it's FREE.


BALLY/WILLIAMS SYSTEM 11, 11A, 11B & 11C - List of System 11 games & helpful information - nice LINKS page too. w/tech sites




OK, NOW MY PINBALL LIST: ---Listed in my order of preference


PINBALL LIFE - My favorite supplier.  My supplier for most everything especially LED's.  I use the 1-LED concave for nearly all my games except where I need more color/glow and then I use his 3-LED or 4-LED.  I have had great luck with these LED's and they are the best priced LED avail.  Terry has a lot of shop-out parts & has great bulk deals too.  Terry has always treated me great.  I usually try Terry first for most things.  Spend some time browsing his site as he actually has a ton of stuff.  Every time I get on his site I find something new!


CLIFFY's  Protectors- Hands down one of the best guys in all of pinball.  Cliffy protectors for every pinball is how they should have been shipped from the factory.  No one has the passion for the game like Cliffy does.  I am really not into mods but CLIFFY mods are a requirement for my personal games.  First thing you need to do is see what cliffy's are avail from your game and buy them.  Don't wear your game out for nothing!  CLIFFY-IT!  Now look at your ball drops on your game---see the wear--install that cliffy slot protector too.


Big Daddy Enterprises - Check Todds site out.  I get my Rottendog products, chip sockets & a ton of electronics from him.  He sells 'repair kits' to fix a few issues that Pins seem to have & is ideal for the DIY'er that knows how to use a soldering iron.  Big Daddy will prepay most shipments over $250.  He also sells a NVRAM chip that you install into the MPU board--just think once installed no more batteries and no more acid damage.


MANTIS AMUSEMENTS - Kerry Stair (Ilinonis) - Protectors & some very unique protectors.  Chips & resistors.  One example he has the ramp protector for White Water-- must see! if you own a w2o. 


FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY - Dave Mercer located in Northern Colorado - Pinball Parts


THAT PINBALL PLACE  John Wart (Columbus IN)  Eproms for most any pin - I am a regular customer


PINBITS - Martin & Pam Reynolds (Fremont, CA) - Plastic protectors, ramp flaps & a lot of mods.  I am a regular customer.  I always try to get my plastic protectors &  ramp flaps here.  


Pinball Inc.  -  Manufactures plastic RAMPS!  James ramps are by far the best.  Whenever I need a ramp I buy it from Pinball Inc.  His plastic ramps are super clear and about twice as thick as originals.  If you need a new topper dome for that White Water or Fish Tales this is the dome you want.  Pressed from the O.E. mold and more than twice as thick.  I highly recommend these ramps.    Make sure to check out what James has available!  Mostly plastic ramps but some odd plastics, i.e. Bride of Pinbot chrome helmet & Getaway HS2 items plus others...


Bay Area Amusements - Has most of what pinballife has PLUS a lot of game specific parts--they ship faster than anyone else by far.  I use them first when I need something in 2 days.  Can really only order on-line.


The Pinball Resource (PBR) - Steve has a lot of parts---I buy very often as it is THE only company that after the first order will start a charge account.  A ton of EM parts.  Only issue is his limited website.  Best to call to order as you will save yourself a couple of days exchanging emails.  He has hundreds of thousands of part not listed on his site.



Lock When Lit - Pinball Classics - Ray Anthony does board repair & has a few things for sale.  I buy his ANYPIN NVRAM.  It replaces a chip on the MPU to eliminate the batteries---  This is a great product to protect your investment in your games & eliminate battery acid issues.  Even better than a remote battery holder.  This will virtually fit (99%) any Digital Pinball Machine.   This ANYPIN NVRAM will pay for itself in just a few years w/battery savings.


Illinois Pinball Co. - I think they have a lot more than what is online.  But sometimes has some really hard stuff to find.  They have green rubber in several sizes


Marcos Specialties - has one of the biggest inventories in all of pinball.  A lot of game specific parts.  Best to deal on-line only.  I do business with Marcos but ONLY on-line and last resort for game specific parts.   In the early days they overcharged for shipping & I once complained about it and had my account deleted.  That is why I only buy on-line now.  Since then they have really improved on both shipping time & freight costs but I will never call them again.


Great Lakes Modular - makes a lot of brand new re-designed boards.  I have used a lot of his boards with great results.   I highly recommend them.  They designed a new light board set for White Water topper that is in my game.


ACTION PINBALL -  Ray Johnson (Salt Lake City, UT) - Parts & some game specific parts.  Ships FAST


RottenDog Amusements - Makes great redesigned PCB's for pinballs.  I use this site to see what I want but you will need to go through one of his distributors (I recommend Big Daddy Enterprises).  Rottendog=Great product.  The other distributors seen to always be out and are out for months before reordering.


John's Alternative Translites - Custom made translites for the DMD pins -  WARNING - John also has some nudes so user beware.  John does quality work.  I am going to get his  STTNG translite for my personal game.  With copyright issues I recommend contacting John even if your game is not listed on his website.  He has a lot more trans avail than whats on his site.


Pinball Decals Inc. - A lot of pin stuff including game specific parts and a lot of decals.  I buy here regularly.


Little Shop Of Games - Has a lot of parts avail--both game specific & decals.


Treasure Cove - Decals and plenty of them.


PHOENIX ARCADE - Darin Jacob (Phoenix, AZ) - Reproduced artwork for pins & arcades.  Including Translites 


ColorDMD - Makes one of the best displays on the market.  Has color DMD's for a handful of games and the new Sigma display + new software really can improve a game.    I recommend buying ColorDMD's from Bayareaamusements or Planetary Pinball.   If you buy direct freight is high but ColorDMD will only ship with a SIGNATURE delivery.  I order from his distributors because I can order other stuff and get a better shipping rate.  His site claims that PAYPAL requires him to ship w/signature but that is not true.   His claim is not honest.  The product is quality.   I am hoping with time someone some else will come out with a color DMD & get the price lowered.   But more importantly I am worried that other pin companies will follow his signature only delivery requirement.  For now I am personally boycotting ColorDMD.


Coin Taker - Has LED's and lots of styles & great quality.   I usually only buy the 545 blinking LED's that I use on Twilight Zone + a couple of other games.  For the price Pinball Life is my supplier for LED's.


BC's Pinball Amusements - Mainly LED's and a big assortment.  Almost so that you can get confused.  For LED's I try to use PINBALL LIFE first but BC's does have a lot of the odd LED's.


Tilt Topper Pinball Topper's - Nice Topper's



Pinball Rescue - Decals & Playfield Plastics






I have dozens of more pin links--will get them up when I find time.  Please contact me on any non-working links....




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