FAQ - Getting a jukebox I bought from you ready & what's next?



I use a Truck-line called NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES or NAVL which primarily does full trailer loads.  Another company that NAVL owns was started when eBay came along and needed someone to haul single arcade games including Jukeboxes and is called SPEICALITY TRANSPORTATION INC or STI.  I use STI and work with a NAVL/STI broker out of Chicago, IL called Beltmann.


After you have my final payment and after we agree on a approximate pickup date I will call the Broker and book the pickup.  Most big cities are serviced 5-days Monday thru Friday but some rural towns or cities not close to a STI freight terminal might be on a weekly or bi-weekly pickup schedule and these are a little harder to plan for.  For jukeboxes I buy I have them shipped to me freight charges C.O.D.  


Information I will need to book a pickup!


  • Your Name

  •  Pickup Address, city & zip code

  •  Telephone number, STI will usually call you the day before planned pickup date to set a pickup time.  They normally give a 4hr pickup window.

  •  Email address

  •  Where in your home/buisness is the jukbox located, STI drivers will charge extra or refuse to pickup for extra steps like basements & attics.  Please get the bubbler to the main floor of your home/buiness or garage.


All you need to-do before the jukebox is picked up is install this simple hold down kit that I should have already mailed to you.  After we make a deal I will ship the hold-down kit to you ASAP so it gets there before the pickup date.  Kits takes 10-15 mins to install when using my kit.  Regular steps to your door are fine and expected.  Its the extra 15 steps to the basement I am talking about. 


Once the drivers for STI or the contracted drivers show to pickup your jukebox up is answer the door and let them have access to the jukebox.  Remember STI will use contracted terminals for small terminals but all STI drivers are contracted. 


When I book a pickup I also buy damage insurance.  Please DO-NOT blanket wrap the jukebox or shrink-wrap it as this will void the insurance.  The driver(s) will need to inspect the jukebox and will note any damage, marks, scrapes, etc. on the freight bill before you sign it.   If driver shows up and bubbler is blanket wrapped and jukebox is damaged STI will deny the damage claim.  After the driver(s) inspect and you sign the shipping documents the drivers should then blanket wrap, stretch-wrap and put cardboard protection on all corners then do a final stretch-wrap.  Please make sure this is done and I ask you assist them. 



When I book a pickup I tell STI the broker to BLANKET WRAP with 2 blankets, put CARDBOARD PROTECTORS on all 4 corners and stretch-wrap the Jukebox.  I Even tell them to make sure the same blankets stay stretch-wrapped until Jukebox arrives to me.  Please make sure this is done as these instructions should be printed on the shipping documents.  The driver(s) should already know this before they ever ring your doorbell so it should not be a surprise to them.   This extra padding is part of the cost and drivers must do it.