Instructions for securing the CD8, CD8B, CD8C & CD8D ROCKOLA BUBBLER


This is how I like to secure the Mechanism, CD Player & the CD Title Card Assembly before transporting, these steps are for the CD8 series Rockola Bubbler but could be used with other manufactures with some modifications.  Transporting bubblers, 2 or more I will use my trailer and place them upright.  If I have a single bubbler it is ok to lay it on its back as long as this HOLD DOWN-KIT is intalled.  I aways intall this kit on any bubbler I transport either laying down or upright.  DO NOT LAY A BUBBLER ON ITS BACK UNLESS A KIT LIKE THIS HAS BEEN INSTALLED.


CAUTION should be always taken whenever you touch the CD PLAYER as a simple static shock could damage the printed circuit board inside the cd player.   Doing these steps to secure the inside of the jukebox you DO NOT NEED TO EVER TOUCH THE CD PLAYER, just be careful when ever around it. 


Doing these simple steps will assure that :

1)  The MECHANISM:  Mural on the inside backdoor will not be damaged by the Mechanism or could bounce around and damage/bend the griper arm or griper arm landing supports.  The Mechanism only sits on 4 springs and during normal play is never bolted down.  Remove bolts before playing as mechanism should float all the time during normal use.


2)  The CD PLAYER:  Will not bounce out of position, also only sits on 4 springs and floats and could fall to bottom of the jukebox damaging the connector cables & the CD Player.  CD PLAYER is never bolted down & use of a unwanted CD along with these rubber bands will asure the CD Player will stay inplace.  Also if not secured the Orange Flap will start bouncing up & down until the plastic breaks, if the trailers have old/bad tires.


3)  CD TITLE CARD ASSEMBLY:  w/wire tie inplace will not bounce out of either side bracket which causes damage to motor connectors or broken pin on the black plastic pages.


Doing these simple things will take 10-15 mins.


My Hold-Down Kit includes:

2 - 5/16" x 4" Cap Screws

4 - 5/16" Fender Washers, 2 for the Cap Screws the other 2 to be used if the T-Nuts are missing

2 - 5/16" Nuts to be used incase the T-Nuts are missing in the black wood Mech Shelf

3 - Rubber Bands, long & have knot already tied in them.

2 - 2 long pcs of wire tie

1 - blank or unwanted CD

1 - EC105 Key that fits the leftside cabinet lock on all the CD-8 Series Rockola Bubblers,  PLEASE RETURN THE KEY.  I send a cabinet key just in case you don't have one or can't find yours.