Original un-restored 1941 Wurlitzer 850 w/extras - $10,000

Original 1941 WURLITZER Jukebox model 850 - $10,000 - Was bought in 1980 and previous own passed away after he took a ton of pics and took the Peacock apart for restoration.  He took a lot of pics & thought he would need them to put the Peacock back together.   I already have a restored 850 in my collection and thought the time has come for me to sell it as with age I am running out of time.  I have owned it for nearly 40yrs and I am not going to be able to restore it.

Mfg:  Wurlitzer

Year:  1941

Model:  850 - The PEACOCK

Serial No:  786039 (see pic below)

Type:  78rpm

Selections:  Holds 24 records & plays only 1 side

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Below is a Slide-Show of this 850 while it was being taken apart in 1980.  First pic is when my friend originally brought it home in the back of his pickup.   Several items were broken or missing and over the years I have collected most everything needed to restore.  This list cost several thousand dollars to acquire.  All this & I am sure I did not list everything thats included with the unrestored 850.

I found & bought the following list:

  • Nice Right & Left Scroll castings, the originals are cracked

  • Nice Lower Grill Casting, the original was broke in 2 pcs & I have both grills

  • New grill star plastic

  • New coin plastic for the coin casting

  • New logo plastic for the logo casting

  • 2 New Tulip Plastics, the originals were worn out

  • 2 New Tulip Phenolic backing, originals were worn out

  • 2 New Phenolic side mech pc's

  • New Phenolic cover for above the arch

  • Coin Grinder, original was missing & I found a nice original

  • New Red Top Center plastic- Original is not broken but has a crack, I have both tops

  • Spare Analyzer, original is fine this is just a spare

  • New Polarizing Animation motor, the original is present but needs replaced

  • New 16pc Polarizing Fingers (that hold the polarizier disc's to light holder), the originals were missing a few fingers

  • New Ladder Chain for motor

  • New 16pc Polarizing Fingers (that hold the disc to light holder), the originals were missing a few fingers

  • New Ladder Chain for motor

  • New Backdoor- repro

  • New Backdoor Mural- repro

  • New Lower Backdoor- repro

  • Set of 3 new Coin Slides - just for spares

  • New 3pc yellow & red program set

  • 2 New Polarizing Dics

  • 2 New Bubble Tubes, originals present but turned dark

  • New Grill Cloth, old grill cloth needs replaced

  • I do have spare veneer and will pass along to buyer. 

  • Bought extra set of original keyboard buttons that all match (shade) --- original buttons were not complete & not same color

  • Bought a 2nd speaker that I believe is original speaker for the 850 so it comes with 2 speakers

  • Bought a spare selector coil assembly with cable just for a spare or spare parts



Here's what I have now - Not everything as I will add to the list for a couple weeks.  Also look at the pics carefully as what you see in the pics I have to have but its all boxed up.  I will be adding about 100 more images to slide-show in the next 2 weeks.  These pics my friend took before he passed away and are on 35mm

I know the list goes on & on and I will try to complete this list within the next couple of weeks.   As far as taking pic of the original parts hopefully you can see them on or inside the jukebox using all these pics.  They are all packed away and I don't want to unpack them.  Paldeo veneer is used on the front door and I have more than enough to properly restore the door.  This is old original Paldeo that should match perfect that over the past 45yrs I have stripped from other jukeboxes & saved.


  • All the yellow & sm green CATALIN plastics are fine and have been kept in heated/AC storage since I have owned them

  • The rest of the casting are all present, both drape castings, both castings around the top red plastic, coin return cup & the Front selector panel casting where buttons mount are all present & in very good condition as is the left side coin sliders casting & the right logo casting--all casting for the 850 are present & are solid just waiting to be re-nickled or chromed.

  • Speaker is present but I am not sure is the original

  • I have 2 original amps for the W850

  • Coin Slides - all 3 are present

  • Coin Mech board that holds the tri coin slot tubes, tri coin mechs & the grinder are all present

  • Tri Coin Slot is present

  • Coin box present

  • Coin box tube is present


  • Coffee can full of screws, bolts & brackets

  • Wire loom is present

  • Blue Drapery is still attached to cabinet

  • Speaker baffle is present

  • 24 play Mechanism is present and looks complete

  • Tone arm is present

  • All 24 record Rings are present

  • Turn table is present

  • Mech board is present

  • Play meter is attached to mech

  • Selector coil assy is present

  • Light bar is complete with white discs as shown

  • Gold Junction box is present

  • Wood frame that goes around the peacock front glass & analyzer is present

  • Peacock Glass - am not sure but I think I have a spare to

  • Cabinet of course is present

  • Cabinet Door is present with orig lock/key & round pull handle, door is still attached to cabinet.


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