FAQ's  June 27th 2017

  • The dispatcher most likely will call you the day before planned delivery, this is what STI wants, deliver the following working day and if that does not fit your schedule tell them what does.  You are the customer.  Remember they are closed on Saturday & Sunday.  I used to be allowed to get the contact information for this terminal that will del to you but NVAL put new rules into place and will not give this to me anymore.

  • Normally the driver will have a helper.  Drivers are only contracted to help you move the jukebox off the street into main level of your home or garage.  If you have stairs that make it difficult to deliver you need to discuss this with the dispatcher when they call you to setup that delivery appointment and be ready to tip the driver if needed. 

  • When this dispatcher calls you to make the appointment I would make sure to note there name & phone number in case you need to call them back.


Some comments about your jukebox:

  • CAUTION should be always taken whenever you touch the CD PLAYER as a simple static shock could damage the printed circuit board inside the cd player.   No reason to touch the cd player unless your installing a new one.  Ok to lift the orange plastic flap to dust it.  If you need to touch the cd player find one of the many ground straps on the jukebox and plant your feet do not move them & touch a grounding cable first....Grounding straps are all over the jukebox.

  • The weakest part of ANY CD Jukebox is the CD PLAYER

  • The next weakest part on a rockola. bubbler listed in order:

  • The push buttons on the selector, Try to keep anyone from beating on them as the model CD8C have weak button bases.

  • The pages that flip that hold the CD title cards....system is engineered to work but it has drawbacks.  The pages seen to hang up when flipping or not flip at all until you press the flip button several times.  This is normal.  If your pages stop working on a rockola bubbler sometimes after turning off the jukebox for 6-8 hours they will work again, motor heating?  I don't know but it really might fix your pages.  If they still will not work after shutting down for a few hours you need to check code 25 on the computer.  Somehow the computer will change the code and put it back to "ROCKET or something that is not NOSTALGIC".  Rocket is factory setting on code 25.  For pages to work on your model CD8C this code HAS be set to "NOSTALGIC".  Pages will never work on a CD8 bubbler with the rocket code.

  • I use pledge on the cabinet and Windex on chrome & glass.  When using Windex don't spray the jukebox, spray a paper towel then clean.

  • When putting CD's in the carousel the label of the CD always is on the left side.

  • There is no slot 100, the computer counts 00 to 99 which is 100 CD's.  The first slot to the right of home position is 00, the 2nd slot is 01 and so forth.  So when you load a cd into the first slot its not slot 01 its slot 00.  This is confusing for some.  Home position is the space/gap in the carousel between slot 00 & the last slot 99.

  • When your first turn on your jukebox the carousel will spin 3 revolutions and stop at home.  Be careful when working around the carousel as it has a gear reduced motor that is extremely powerful and can remove a finger or grab your shirt.  It takes a few seconds to boot-up and that's enough time to open the door and stick your fingers around the CD/carousel area.  When I say powerful motor it is powerful.

  • The manual does not tell you that after you MAP a CD or CD's the mapping process does not start until the front door is closed..  The very first time I mapped a CD on a rockola it would not work so after trying to map for several attempts I finally got mad and closed the door...This is how I found out.  Mapping is something you will need to do every time you swap and put in a new CD.  Read the manual as its important to always MAP a new CD.  To map 1 CD it takes less than a minute, to map all CD's at once it takes about 35-40 minutes.  It depends on how many tracks on all your CD's you have.  While the jukebox is Mapping you cannot use it.




Where to get parts--

  • https://www.encosystems.net/ is where I get my CD Players , Chris has both brand new or rebuilt.  He is my 1st choice

  • https://www.abjukeboxrepair.com/  will also rebuild your CD Player as well.  But you will have to send them your old one to be rebuilt & returned.  Bruce is a great guy & I highly recommend him. 

  • http://www.rock-ola.com/  in California, this is were I get all my OE replacement parts.  Open only Mon-Tue-Wed.  Best method to contact them is by email.  Jorge is the only person I deal with, here's his email,  jrivera@rock-ola.com   They only list a few common parts on site.  You will need to email them for best service and use your manual to get rockola part numbers. 




  •  AS soon as the drivers unload your jukebox you need to inspect theJukebox.  Tell the drivers you need to inspect and most of the time they will remove the shrink-wrap, then remove the cardboard wrap, then remove some more shrink-wrap than remove both moving blankets.  These are my blankets and if you don't want them let the driver take them.  I have had customer mail them back to me and that is a waste of money costs more to ship than buy new one.

  • You now need to look for any shipping damages.  You've seen the pic's of your juke so you know what it should look like.  The Denver drivers inspect the bubbler from me before we pack it up.  Normal damages are usually a broken front plastic pilaster and or bubble tube or 2.  Make sure all 8 bubble tubes have orange fluid in-them with this fluid going to nearly the top.  Its normal for the upper 2 inches of a bubbler tube to only have air.  The bubbles need room to expand as it creates these bubbles.  Here's a pic of a bubbler I bought in 2017 and had shipped to me.  So you know what the damage could look like and more importantly you can see how this orange fluid will stain everything it runs/drips over and is not removable.   If you have any orange stain on any plastic take a close-up pic of all 4 main ivory plastics and the 4 ivory plastics around the lower grill.  Most of the time when a tube breaks it will stain these lower plastics too.  Remember if you do end up with damage we can take more pic's after the drivers leave.  But please take as many as you like while drives are present I even recommend getting pic's with the truck in the pic and or the drivers in the pic.  Its the only evidence you will have.  But the good news is I have never shipped a jukebox that was damaged.  Its only happened once when I bought one and had it shipped to me that got damaged.  Here is a pic of it.    I pack them very well and have learned over the years.







                                                                                         Click onto pic to view full-size





  •  If you have shipping damages point them out to the driver and have the driver note ALL damages on the freight bill BEFORE YOU SIGN  IT.  If he drivers leave with not marking this on the origianl copy of the freight bill (drivers copy) you still can try to file a claim but it will be denied as the company when reviewing a claim will only look at he drivers paperwork.

  •  I would have a knife blade ready, a camera with good batteries ready along with your Payment all ready when they show up.

  •  If you are prepared properly and know what to do if you have damages, the battle will be won.  Not being prepard you will lose.

  •  Take several pics and closeups if you have damages as this will be your only profof.  The claim process is online and if you need to file a claim I will help you.  The online system only allows you to send a few pics but that does not matter.  If you end up with damage take all the pics you want and send them to me & I will help build your case.  But we know what to do & you will be ready so there won't be any problems.  Knock on w00d





If your jukebox is powered on before you remove the rest of the inside packing you can cause damages.


  • The keys to your jukebox are inside the black coin return coin on the right side looking at the front of the jukebox.  Remove the tape from coin return cup & then remove the keys.  1st key is for the cabinet door lock, lock is on the left side looking at your jukebox.  This key is numbered EC105 and will fit all the CD-8 series bubbler jukeboxes made from mid 1980's to 2018.  If you ever misplace or break the key simple order a EC105 key from rockola or try ebay.  The 2nd key is a unique key and fits & only fits your cash box lock on the right side.  This key if you misplace or break it you will need either a lock smith or you will need to drill it out.  Very common lock you can get at most hardware stores.

  • Use the EC105 key and open the front door, lock is on the right side.  Sometimes you need to make sure the key is seated all way in the lock and  to unlock the cabinet you must turn the key CCW-counter clock wise & you will here a snap.  If you put a lot of pressure on the lock trying to turn it the wrong way-CW clock wise it could jam the key mechanism  so never turn this key clock wise.  It also possible that you might need to lift up on the front area of the door as this door is extremely heavy.  After you open this lock a couple of time you will know what to do.

  • So now that the door is open you need to remove some packing stuff.  Below are some pic's of the rubber-bands on the CD Player that you need to remove.  Best to just use scissors and snip them off.  Remember never touch the aluminum body of the CD Player., see fig1

  • Next you need to remove the 2 hold down bolts that are bolted to the black bottom bar of the mechanism frame and are located just right or left of the yellow computer.  You will need a wrench and remove the left-side as shown in fig2 and then the right-side shown in fig3.  Put these 2 bolts & washers in a bag and you will want to place bag inside the coin door under the coin bag & on the floor but do this later.  This way if you every need to move the jukebox you will have them.

  • Now you want to remove the 2 wire ties that I put on to hold the CD TITLE CARD ASSEMBLY in place.  Fig4 shows the inside of the front door and you can see the 2 red circles pointing out where there wire ties go.  Fig5 shows the shows close-up of 1 side and fig6 shows close-up of the other side.  You ought to save these wire ties with the bolts as this CD Title Card assemble can fall out when moving. 

  • Last hold down to remove, not pictured but I put 2 long & large colorful rubber-bands around the carousel that you can see that stores the CD's.  The upper most section has nothing to keep them from bouncing out of this carousel during transport.  Again take your scissors and remove them.


OK you can remove the power cable modulator power cord/plug that is rolled up and under your cash bag inside the cash door.  Female end is like a computer cord and plugs into the backside of the jukebox by the tiny on/off toggle switch.   The male end plug into your house current.  I would make sure the toggle switch is off before doing this.  Once plugged in turn the toggle switch one.  After boot-up which takes 30 seconds or so, next the carousel will spin 2 full revolutions and stop at Home.  Its now ok to make a selection from the selector.   You need to press 4 digits, first 2 are the CD# & the last 2 are the track#.  Track 1 = 01, track 2 = 02, etc.  So to play the 1st track on your first CD slot it would be 0001.  Just so you know if you want to play entire CD it would be 0000.  00 after any CD# will play all tracks on that CD. 


When using the remote to select to play this same CD and track number you need the same 4 digits but you also need to press the enter key once before it will select.


If I ad anyhing new to this list from now until your jukebox arrives I will list it in RED font & YELLOW background at the very top of this page.  So please check this page the morning before your jukebox is delevered....sorry I meant Mary Anne's Jukebox


Tony if you have any questions or are confused from my notes please email or call me.  This is the first time I have put all this on my website.  Its hard to remember all the things I want to relay to you.




Click onto pic to vew fullsize

1) Remove these 3 rubber-bands. Be careful to not touch the aluminum cd player under this orange flap with your fingers as static shocks are not good on the cd players circuit board.


2) Next 2 pics - you need to remove the 2 hold down bolts as seen in red circle on steps 2 & 3. I would put then in a sandwich bag and place the under the coin return bag behind the coin door and on the bottom shelf. Just in case you ever need to move your jukebox and you want to secure the mech. REMOVE THIS LEFT SIDE HOLD-DOWN BOLT.


3) You need to remove the 2nd hold-down bolt that is circled in red from the right side of mech. REMOVE THIS RIGHT SIDE HOLD-DOWN BOLT.


4) Here is pic of the CD TITLE CARD ASSEMBLY and you can see the 2 red circles. You need to remove these 2 wire ties in the red circles from inside the front door & discard or save them with the bolts for future use.


5) Here is a closeup of the left side looking inside the front door, remove this wire tie.


6) Here is a closeup of the right side, remove this wire tie.